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The cost of producing an EPC certificate depends on a few parameters:

  •      The type of property

  •      The surface

PEB appartement
Prix tvac
Studio < 50 m2
150 €
50 - 74 m2
190 €
75 - 124 m2
200 €
125 - 200m2 or duplex
220 €
>200m2 or triplex
240 €
Additional apartment at the same address
150 €
PEB Maison
Prix Tvac
House < 200 m2
300 €
House 200 m2 - 250 m2
350 €
House 251 - 350 m2 or 3 facades
400 €
House > 350 m2 or 4 facades
450 €
PEB + Contrôle électrique
EPC price + 257€/meter
Audit PEB
Prix Tvac*
250 €
200 €

​Do you need several EPC certificates for the same building?

Take advantage of our decreasing rates.

Request a price quote.

The energy audit is conducted solely based on an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) established by us. Therefore, the energy audit fee does not include the establishment of the EPC. If we do not have your file, we will need it.

If you only want advice without obtaining an Energy Performance Certificate, this is also possible. Feel free to contact us regarding this matter.

These prices are inclusive of VAT.​

You will not be charged any other supplement.
The fact that you request an EPC certificate for a sale or rental has no impact on its price.
You will not be charged for the absence of a plan or the search for technical information by the certifier either. This is part of his mission.

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