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  • What documents must I provide to the certifier?
    Before the certifier comes to your home, gather and carefully sort all the documents in your possession relating to the accommodation (insulation work, heating system, domestic hot water, ventilation). You can help yourself with the checklist that you will find below and which includes all the documents considered as acceptable proof. The better you prepare the visit, the shorter it will be and the better the certifier will be able to encode the file. The EPC certificate is quickly encoded after the visit, any document sent after the visit therefore requires a reopening of the file, this reopening is charged extra.
  • I have carried out renovation work, should I request a new EPC certificate?
    If your EPC certificate is still valid, you must request an update. Only the certifier who established the EPC certificate will be able to update it. If he/she no longer works as an EPC certifier, you will need to request a new EPC certificate.
  • I would like to undertake renovation work, but I would like to know the impact of this on the future EPC certificate. Do you offer this service?
    Yes, we can simulate results. For this we will carry out the EPC visit as for a normal EPC certificate and then we will carry out simulations of the planned work. We will also carry out simulations of other scenarios that seem relevant to us given the configuration of the accommodation, to obtain the best result. We will send you a table with the different scenarios and the results obtained. In this way, you will be able to assess how to achieve the region's objectives. Contact us for a price offer.
  • Do I have to attach the entire EPC certificate to the rental lease?
    No, as an owner you have the following 2 obligations: 1. Announce in all advertising (classified ads, posters, Internet, etc.) the energy class (from A to G) 2. Include in the lease the energy class and the declaration in which the tenant indicates that he has received a copy of the EPC certificate.
  • How long is my EPC certificate valid for?
    Your EPC certificate is valid for 10 years, provided that there has been no work affecting the energy performance of the property (insulation, heating, ventilation, domestic hot water, etc.). If there has been work, the EPC certificate must be updated, in this case contact the certifier who issued the EPC certificate.
  • How long does the visit last?
    It depends on several factors: the size of the accommodation, the complexity (numerous facades with loss), ease of access (if the accommodation has a lot of furniture, it is more difficult for the certifier to take the measurements) , documents presented. On average, a visit to an apartment lasts from 45 minutes to 1h30. The visit to a house lasts between 1 hour and 3 hours.
  • Is it possible to visit in the evening or on Saturday?
    Yes it's possible. Please consult the schedule to see available times. If you cannot find a time that suits you, do not hesitate to contact us, we will try to best meet your needs. For a visit outside of usual hours we may charge you extra, this will be clearly mentioned when making the appointment.
  • How do I know if my property already has an EPC  certificate?
    The register of EPC certificates allows you to find any certificate already issued for housing in the Brussels region. This is a database of existing EPC certificates. You can consult the EPC certificate for accommodation which you own but also for accommodation which does not belong to you. You will find the register on this link.
  • ​​Do I need an EPC certificate for a sale in Brussels?
    As soon as you announce the sale or even the rental of your home, you must have an EPC certificate for this property. Your obligation is to include on all advertisements the result of the EPC certificate, which ranges from A++ to G.
  • Am I obliged to implement the recommendations of the EPB certificate ?
    The EPC certificate gives you recommendations to improve the energy performance of your building. You have no obligation to implement them, but they can be used to prioritize work to be carried out to reduce occupants' energy consumption.
  • I need several EPC certificates for a single building, do you offer a price reduction ?
    Yes, in the event that there are several apartments to be certified at the same address, we will give you a price reduction. Do not hesitate to contact us to receive a quote.
  • What is the EPC  certificate used for?
    It allows future owners or potential tenants to be able to compare the theoretical energy consumption of different properties, and to opt for a property with better energy efficiency, which should therefore cost less in heating consumption. It also allows owners to become aware of the energy improvements that can be made to their building.
  • How does the visit take place ?
    During the visit, the certifier will take note of any documents that you will have to show him (plans, invoices, maintenance certificate, statements, etc.). Then he will take measurements of the apartment and the glazing, inspect the heating, domestic hot water and ventilation installation. An EPC visit lasts on average from 45 minutes to 1h30 for an apartment and between 1h and 3h for a house.

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